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Living Black History2/15/2007

In record books, on TV and in the laboratory
Living black Americans are writing our story
Inventors, actors, athletes and doing so much more

We take the month of February and try to settle the score

Each year we hear about Rosa Parks and always M.L.K.
But trailblazers like Bill Russell are still alive today
Bill played hoops and also coached a major U.S. team

He was the first Black to live that major league sports dream

Comedian, actress, bank teller and also a brick-layer
Thatís Whoopi Goldberg, a big time showbiz player
She hosts the View on ABC and never is a phony
Whoopi has an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and a Tony

Vietnam and Grenada, the Gulf War and raid on Libya
The first black secretary of state was appointed by the Dubya
He clashed with Bush a couple times over Iraq advice
So Colin Powell was replaced by Ms. Condoleezza Rice

NASA hired a scientist, his name is† Emmett Chappelle

Thanks to his discovery urinary infections get well

He detected†bacteria in our H20

Now some U.T.I. sufferers don't always have to go

Before there was Obama, we had Shirley Chisolm and J.J.
The Reverend Jesse Jackson did okay in `88
These days heís still a preaching man, a charismatic crowd pleaser
And Heís internationally known as a good hostage releaser

The very first black designer to be known around the world
Is an American fashion trendsetter who is called Stephen Burrows
And handsome Tyson Beckford, modelingís top male money maker
And if that Cougar Meat is on the menu, Wheezy is a taker!

So, Make February special in classrooms and at work
Tolerance is whatís in style so please donít be a jerk
Our history is all around us, growing in every way
Thankfully in leap years, we get an extra day