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Cougars Over Kittens6/20/2007

I am a Cougar.  I’d square off against any woman 10 years younger than me.  You name the bar stool, the mall bench or the church pew.  It’s all about style and confidence, not the silly numbers on your driver’s license! 

A Cougar is a mature woman who has the ability to captivate a younger man.  She is C-Curvy, O-Older, U-Unattached, G-Growling, A-Attractive and R-Ready!

There are many celebrity Cougars.  These women are all over 40 and they are happily attached to men who are at least five years their junior:


Joan Collins

Geena Davis

Susan Sarandon    

Demi Moore

Demi is queen of the celebrity cougars.  She purchased some bait from her plastic surgeon and she went out growlin’ and prowlin’!  She taught Ashton Kutcher what Tim Robbins and David Arquette already knew.  The lesson a man learns from a cougar is:

"Once the growl has made you howl, anything else is foul!"

1.  Financial stability tops my list of why Cougars are better than Kittens.  You won’t go broke buying drinks for a Cougar.  She will show her appreciation for the martini you send to her table, but she doesn’t need you to keep her glass full!

2.  Sexual Prime!  No explanation necessary.

3.  Sexual Intelligence.  We’re not at the age of experimentation, trying to figure out what we like and when we like it.  Cougars have been in the laboratory a long time, we know what works and we’re willing to show you.  

4.  You don’t have to hunt for a Cougar!  A man with crude pick-up skills who is hot, intelligent and/or witty can wind up with an amazing woman.  That’s because you don’t hunt the Cougar, the Cougar hunts you!

5.  A cougar is good for a younger man’s self esteem.  Once that man realizes that a Cougar made him her prey, he should feel pretty good about his looks and his animal magnetism.

6.  No games.  A Cougar is straightforward and clear in her intentions.  No cougar is dying to know what you are thinking.  She isn’t reading some women’s magazine to learn a new head game to play on her man!  She will let you know exactly what she wants and when she wants it.  No guessing necessary. 

7.  Her look is consistent.  What you see is what you get!  You don’t have to worry about whether she won’t look the same at 35 or 45.  She’s already 45!    If she is aging well now, she’ll still look good for her age ten years from now.

8.  A cougar isn’t trying to trap anybody with a baby.   Cougar’s are not looking for a baby-daddy.  She is looking for the three F’s:

Fun, friendship and freedom.  We’re not looking for father figures so control freaks need not apply. 

9.  A Cougar’s Floppies can do more tricks.  Those light, upright kitten whiskers simply don’t have the bouncy appeal of the Cougar floppie.  To watch a Cougar run is like watching two gazelles bound across the African plains!

Go Cougars!