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The Cougar Customer Service Bill of Rights1/30/2008

The Right to Prompt Service
Flirting with a delivery man, joking with your co-worker or talking on your cell phone are not good excuses for holding me up. When its time to do business, the customer comes first.†

The Right to be Served by Someone Who Appreciates their Job
Have you ever heard someone say, ďThey donít pay me enough to smile at these peopleĒ? Those people need to find a job that pays by the tooth! A smile is expected from receptionists and sales people. It makes my butt work buttonholes when I go to the doctor and somebody slides the glass waiting room door open without greeting me in a friendly way. If you canít say, ďgood morningĒ when you reach for my A.A.R.P. card turn in your badge. Perhaps the hospital laundry or the morgue is a better fit for your personality.

The Right to Have My Questions Answered
Sometimes all I can get out of my mouth is. ďHello, I have a ques ÖĒ before I get transferred. That's just rude. If everybody keeps asking you the same dumb question then the question isnít so dumb. The instructions obviously arenít clear. Either fix the problem or just politely answer my question and spare me the ugly tone.

The Right to be Shielded from your Drama
If another department messed up and now you have to do a little more work, just suck it up. I donít care if your manager is "trippin!" I donít need to get hit with a nasty attitude because youíre 15 minutes late for your smoke break.†

The Right to an Apology for your Mistakes
If you overbill me or give me bad information show me some remorse. If my appointment is at 10:00 am and you donít see me until 10:20 am, tell me that youíre sorry. My time is even more valuable than yours. Iím senior citizen and I donít want to waste my golden years sitting around in your lobby or waiting in a line thatís too darn long. Apologies donít cost of dime, but if you give me bad service and you donít say ďIím sorry,Ē itíll cost you. Donít be surprised if I treat you like a beer can and kick your business to the curb!