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Advice for the Class of 20097/9/2009
The Class of 2009 is moving on! FOR THE LOVE OF SWEET JESUS PLEASE DO NOT SPEND YOUR SUMMER SITTING AROUND AND SINKING INTO THE COUCH! Any preacher will tell you that the couch can be a tool of the devil! Don’t let it trap you! Its time to get a job.

Before you start moaning about the economy remember this. The jobs that DO exist will not go to the complainers sitting around playing video games or sitting around around sending texting messages to your friends.

Look for a job like it’s a full time job. 40-hours a week! Make Calls, fill out applications, send resumes, network with your parents’ friends and network with your friends’ parents.

Volunteer for a charity that can help you get some experience in your field. Find out which boards the hot-shots are sitting on and volunteer for those charities! It’s a great way to mingle with people who can hire you. And you leave them with a good impression.

Help around the house. Your full time job is “looking for work” and your part time job is “house work.” You have graduated alright! When you slid that tassel to the side, you went from student to tenant!