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Just Say No.... to Sex2/14/2010
Here's a scary fact for the parents of every teen girl, lots of boys (and a few creepy men) want to put the moves on your little girl. She needs to practice saying NO!

Go over a few scenarios with your daughter...
1) A cute boy asks her our and she wants to keep things rated G.
Suggest a group date. Tell her to keep it public. Encourage your daughter to invite her friend to family game night at your home.

2) Her boyfriend tells her that he loves her and wants her to prove it.
Tell her to inform her boyfriend that love means more than sex. She should let him know that she plans to wait until she gets married, finishes high school, finishes college... Your daughter needs you to help her set those boundaries.

3) A boy wants to lure her away from where she's supposed to be.
She should tell him that she needs to stay put. She can suggest that they get together another time.

4). She starts kissing and it feels nice, but he wants to go further.
She should tell him that she takes sex very seriously. Now isn't the right time.

Your daughter should understand that just because she's has sex once it doesn't mean she has to do it again... with that guy or another guy. Teach her to be very picky about the boys she chooses to date. Talk extensively about morality, pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. These kids may have a lot of information about sex, but just like when you were a kid, there is a lot of MISinformation out there.

Remember, if you have a son you aren't off the hook. There are some hot little mama's on the prowl. Practice these statements with your son..
"I'm not ready to be a dad"
"I changed my mind, let's not do this right now"
"The timing isn't right"
"I like someone else"

One talk about the birds and the bees isn't enough!!!!!