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B.O.G.'s ... Beginning of Grade Exams for Parents9/8/2010
Here are the 10 questions for every parent of a school age child. The correct answers are below. No cheating.

1. Does your child get to school on time?

2. Do you know the names of your child’s teachers?

3. Do you know how to reach your child’s teachers?

4. Do you know the curriculum?

5. Do you know whether homework is being properly completed AND turned in?

6. Do you know the names and numbers of other parents or students?

7. Do you know when the marking period ends?

8. Do you know the date of "curriculum night" or "back to school" night?

9. Do you know what your child is eating during the day?

10. Do you know the school dress code and whether your child is showing up dressed appropriately?

The correct answer to every question is, YES. Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer.

70-100 Congratulations! You passed the B-O-Gs! I predict a great academic year for your child and her teacher.

40-60 You need help! Start by reading the materials schools send home. Monitor your child’s wardrobe, diet and homework. And network with other parents to improve your B.O.G scores.

0-30 Please just STOP REPRODUCING!